Concept for competition ARKxSITE, a co-creation of Adrian Marmolejo Clarhed. art and joranmarijsse (2016).

A1 poster

Landmarker Visitors already profit wide views among the cliffs. Whether approaching from the land or from the sea, the horizontal profile characterizes the region. Pure nature together with existing unique points of interests give the surrounding landscape so much potential that it doesn't need an extra remarkable element. We propose then the cliff to be the landmark itself.

Vacant To let the cliff's volume as most as possible intact, we propose to dig passages into it. These galleries make interesting spaces connecting outside with inside. The well-thought openings give each a unique view and bring an existing landmark inside, letting people engage with the landscape. Materialised in concrete and rational in form, they afford flexible transformable infrastructures for temporary uses inside.

Cliffscape The cliff landmark is not a final destination but a region that connects places. It is a passage from place to place, a journey to see the environment changing horizons along the way.