MH17 memorial

Concept for competition matter better, a co-creation of Willem Bossier, Florencio Montealegre and joranmarijsse (2015).

A1 poster

"Grief is often the result of separation and loss of a whole. The death of 298 innocent people caused an abrupt and permanent separation between loved ones, friends and family. The treatment of the crash site afterwards left various nations, and especially the Netherlands, devastated and feeling even further separated. The demise of almost 200 of my compatriots has left a hole in the heart of the Dutch nation, has caused grief, anger and despair." (minister Frans Timmermans)

Incompletion To emphasize this unfortunate course of events we propose an incomplete island. A strong circular square is erected out of the water. Ferries and boats are thus able to reach the island on every side. By tilting the level of the island we create a separation by water, an incomplete: one part of the disk is covered in water and the other rises above the water level.

Typology We like to offer a particular memorial experience. Instead of creating an outside plain, we propose a vast underwater hall, connected to the ground level by 298 skylights. This typology separates the landscape from the beacons and offers a unique audiovisual experience.

Water We propose that once a year we commemorate the victims by performing a grand gesture. The water level of the Amsterdam area will be lowered by one meter. The canals of Amsterdam will drastically change the shape of the city and so will the proposed island: it will become whole.