Storied museality

Concept for competition non architecture competitions, a co-creation of Matthias De Waele and joranmarijsse (2017).

Storied world Cultures all over the world produce a rich collection of skills, knowledge and histories which are intertwined with, and can be transferred to, others by stories. A museum could enhance the narrated relationship people can set up with a space on a peculiar moment of time.

Time out Nowadays we inhabit the world and we spend a lot of time while moving through space.
Modern life-time could be seen as a barcode. Small and thick lines following up each other representing periods of different time intensities.
In time out periods people can interact with a narrative space along the network of trajects by affording structures.

Arte factum We propose vacant platforms structured in our common network of trajects. Together with digital technology, these arte factums will connect time and space.
People will (un-)consciously discover and meet the storied world by walking in between the margins.

Storied museality The act of reflection will give meaning to the transition spaces related to existing and popped-up conservations everywhere. The sensorial congelation of the storied world evokes a Museum as a creation of imagination and temporal reality. It challenges the muses for our everyday actions towards one another.